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Conical Teeth Sleeves/Insert Block/Lugs

Conical Miner Bits: Made from a proprietary blend of raw tungsten carbide, cobalt and trace elements, our miner bits are designed with two purposes in mind: wear-resistance and impact-resistance. We’ve worked diligently to strike a balance between these two opposing properties. The result is a line of bits that can work well in a variety of conditions.

Roof Bits: We manufacture pinner bits that are designed to keep bolter machines on pace with the continuous miners that use our miner bits. Our pinner bits are fashioned with synthetic polycrystalline diamond (PCD) faces, which confer exceptional wear-resistance and demonstrate considerable lifespans. Our pinner bits are built to withstand thrust pressure, high friction temperatures and torsional strain forces while aiding in the capture and removal of dust generated in the roof bolting process. What you get is an exceptional product that works smoothly, reduces machine strain while controlling respirable dust levels.