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About Us:

Lindometal, LLC is a manufacturer and supplier providing mining equipment and mining accessories utilized in all mining sectors and geographies. We pride ourselves in the production of high-quality mining products that are designed to increase production efficiency while providing overall cost savings through quality craftsmanship.

We are a new player in american mining market, yet our high-volume production capacity and dedication shipping methods enable us to provide the kind of quality product that our client requires at a price that helps cut costs.

We’ve designed miner bits associated mining equipment strong enough handle high abrasion surfaces and tough enough to withstand high impact forces.

What you get from Lindometal are high-quality mining products, which are designed to help boost production values and lower input costs. It’s a win-win scenario when you choose Lindometal.

Our History:

Lindometal, LLC was established in 2013 in Raleigh, North Carolina. We began with a team of materials engineers with unmistakable type-A personalities – the kind of people who take pride in achieving perfection. Provided with raw materials and keen on producing artwork with demanding precision our engineers craft products worthy of our logo. We pass all of products through a rigorous quality assurance protocol and regard only the best products as candidates for release into the working world. Once set in place, our tools provide the cutting edge needed to outperform the competition and complete the job ahead of schedule. Our products are found in all sectors saving hard working men and woman time, money and energy while providing the calming assurance that comes with a product well-tailored for the job at hand.

Our philosophy is simple: Provide the best possible product at the best possible price and then go back and attempt to make it better. Of course, reinventing the wheel would seem senseless, but we don’t mind spending the time and resources to rethink, remold and reinvent to make better products. What sets us apart is our stubborn willingness to never settle for “good enough.”

When you combine top quality raw materials, sourced from all over the world, and mix them together with integrity and a passion for correctness you’ll have a Lindometal tool in hand.  What you should expect are tools that grit and go when faced with a challenge.

Road shearing: When you chose Lindometal you’re choosing the future of road milling. Our design improvements help companies stay under budget. We all want to get the biggest bang for the proverbial buck andas it turns out there is an easier path to the end of the road.

Longwall Mining:When production and market demands require limited operational downtime, turn to Lindometal. Ourlongwall shearing bits are designed to outlast and outperform and provide optimal cutting performance with minimal stoppage time.

Continuous Mining:Our most popular product line is our continuous miner bits, which can provide maximal cutting performance in a variety of mining conditions. Not every mine was created equally and for every condition there’s a bit that’s best suited to provide maximal returns. We have a broad range of tools for underground continuous miners suited to exceed the demands of the job at hand.

Crushing and Breaking:We provide tools used in size reduction prior to loadout or washing at the prep plant. Our breaker bits and crusher teeth chew through materials and mixed aggregate without hesitation. Just place the bits or teeth and let Lindometal tools do the hard work.

Dust Control: In addition to our materials design improvements we’ve also gone to great lengths to optimize the reduction of respirable dust produced in underground mining. Out bits are designed to enhance cutting without increasing dust levels. With MSHA standards becoming ever stringent the need for dust reduction becomes of paramount significance for the well-being and safety of miners that deserve a better work environment.

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Mission Statement

Lindometal, LLC provides production and process enhancing tools and products engineered to outlast expectations and deliver quantifiable savings along with measureable increases in happiness and satisfaction. Into the crucible of our company we blend metals, native elements, and lastly our heart and soul – the result is a line of products with value greater than what you already get.